What To Know About Vinyl Siding Installation In Cleveland

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What To Know About Vinyl Siding Installation In Cleveland

vinyl siding installation in cleveland

Vinyl siding was introduced in the late 1950’s. Vinyl quickly began to replace aluminum siding and was soon used in other applications. When vinyl siding first hit the market, many homeowners discovered that it would crack, fade, buckle, or sag. Scientists continued to work on the formulation of the vinyl and improved it over time. Also, new installation techniques were implemented which improved some of the issues.

Vinyl siding has been installed on about 32% of the new homes built in the U.S. but the figure is rising. It is often cheaper than real wood, is way more durable, and takes less time to install. Many buyers and existing homeowners want an exterior that is low maintenance and vinyl fits the bill. Price is also a factor, but the real draw toward vinyl siding installation is that there are so many beautiful options to make the property look really good. Plus, the homeowner never has to worry about repainting.

Vinyl siding installation in Cleveland makes the existing beautiful and unique features of a home stand out. It will enhance the beauty already present in your home, making it into what it should be.

Vinyl Siding Installation Helps To:

  • Reduce Outdoor Noise
  • Reduce Insect Infestation
  • Increases The Home’s Insulation Factor

Vinyl siding is still a top running choice for many homeowners, and as the years go by with improved methods of manufacturing, options only get more durable and better than they ever have been in the past.

Replacing your home’s existing siding with a vinyl siding option of today will help with the energy efficiency of your home. You can also opt to install an extra insulation layer underneath. Today’s vinyl is durable and flexible yet extremely tough. It is often guaranteed not to chip, fade, dent, or scratch.

High-quality vinyl siding can last for what seems like forever if it’s properly installed and kept maintained. It is easy to care for but still needs attention at least once a year just like any other siding material does.

About Vinyl Siding Installation

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to install siding wrong. When you have your home’s siding replaced or installed new, it’s imperative that it’s done correctly by trained experts who are familiar with the manufacturer’s product. There are specific installation techniques which must be followed. The slightest gap or exposed area and moisture will be able to infiltrate behind the siding. This causes mildew, rotting, and likely insect problems.

Debris, mold, mildew, and materials underneath can rot and degrade quickly, even with just a small amount of exposure to environmental conditions. For instance, just high humidity factors in the air can get into an area behind the siding and rot out the wood framing of your home. That makes it vital for all types of siding to be installed correctly.

Why Choose KAAL Construction, Inc. For Vinyl Siding Services?

The top two reasons you’ll find our vinyl siding services an excellent option for your exterior improvement project are our decades of experience and superior customer service practices.

As members of the communities we serve, it’s highly important to us to ensure that we provide the best standards of service possible. Our priority is to become your favorite go-to source for your exterior improvement projects.

Our expert vinyl siding contractors at KAAL Construction, Inc. are ready to help you install the durable and easy care vinyl siding you are looking for. We are fully licensed, trained and certified to install vinyl siding, steel siding, fiber cement siding, natural stone siding, and wood shake siding. As local Cleveland roofing contractors and siding experts in the area, you can count on expert siding installation no matter what type you choose.

Our home improvement services are making the beautiful homes in the Cleveland area even more beautiful. Your vinyl siding will look stunning on your home when our professionals are finished with it, so give us a call today and let’s get started!

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