What To Do After A Storm Damages Your Roof

Category: Roof Repairs

cleveland-roof-repairs-roof-replacementStorm damage to your home is devastating and can easily throw your whole family and life into mass confusion in the blink of an eye. The question is always what now?? Here at [company_name] we have seen numerous homes damaged by storms over the years and there are always common factors that separate smooth reconstruction from reconstruction that produces all types of chaos and hassle. It is our desire to help you make restoration as easy and and pain free as possible. Below are some practical tips that help you in the event that storm damage ever hits your home.

Be Prepared

The Boy Scouts are right. Being prepared is the most powerful measure you can take against any storm. Ask yourself, what the most important pressing issues just after storm damage? Who do you contact? What are the first steps you can take. Having a comprehensive plan will make the aftermath of storm damage much easier and ease your mind as far greater. Consider this list:

  • Contact your insurance company and make sure you get all the facts straight regarding what type of coverage is on your policy and how much.

  • Choose a reputable construction company in advance. Who is your go to contractor? Are they an insurance approved company? Are they state certified, licensed, and do that have a good reputation. Have their contact information ready.

  • Keep all home documents including your blueprints, mortgage, insurance, and all other related documents in a storm proof safe that is locked up with an exact location of where the key is (that is also in a safe place).

  • Have a safety and escape plan. Where will you stay? With whom? Do you have emergency money locked away in a safe place? Where in your home is the safest place if your roof is compromised or if it caves in?

  • Have a list of all relevant phone numbers. Emergency agencies, family, friends, work, insurance, and your construction company, FEMA, and emergency food and shelter checkpoints.

  • Have a safety storage unit filled with food, weatherproof clothing, blankets, and all other supplies. Remember, the most chaotic moment when your roof is damaged is immediately afterward. What are your plans to keep your family safe and warm within the first few moments of a storm?

Document All Damage

As soon as you are able, it is important to document all damage to your roof. Use all available means. This includes videos, photos, and taking down notes that are either written or typed on a computer if possible. Make sure you get photos and videos from multiple angles in good lighting. Document everything that is damaged including your roof, your home’s structure and everything inside. If anyone is injured, it is important to document this as soon as you are able to. A good rule of thumb is go overboard with documentation. It’s important to do too much than not enough. As you are documenting try to think like an insurance agent. What questions do you think they would ask, and then have documentation prepared to answer those questions. Try to recount the entire event as best as you and everyone in your home can remember it.

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