Save Big Working With Your Ridgeville Home Improvement Company

Depositphotos_3266798_xs“Support your local businesses” has become a common request within neighborhood communities these days. Large corporate companies located in a remote area far from your hometown with big advertising budgets overshadow the small business struggling through an already difficult economy.

These small business owners are your friends, neighbors and hard working people you may see every day. When you buy from a Ridgeville small businesses, you are not supporting a million dollar advertising budget or helping some CEO buy another vacation home.

When you buy from your Ridgeville small business you help a family support itself, feed their kids, pay a mortgage, hire local workers, shop in other local businesses and grow the local economy that you live in.

You ask, “How does that help me save big on home improvements?” For starters, your Ridgeville home improvement company has lower costs and overhead passing the added savings on to its customers. Why support the million dollar marketing budget and pay more than you need to? Do they offer a better service? Are the materials they use better? Is the warranty better? Some big home improvement companies and their fast talking sales reps will attempt to devalue the local home improvement contractor and use questionable scare tactics just to make a sale.

But, before you fall for the words from a less than honest sales rep, ask this: Who has more interest in making sure your home improvement project goes smooth and done correctly? Is it the corporate company? The sales rep? (ha! yeah right.) Or, is it the local business owner that is on the work site from start to finish, travels near your house every day and hopes to earn business from neighbors so they can continue to live and grow within the community and support their family?

This isn’t an article to bash all corporate businesses. Corporations bring jobs, they offer convenience and great discounts due to the volume of business. In home improvements, however, the bigger the company doesn’t always mean lower costs, better service or even a better warranty. Surprisingly, your Ridgeville home improvement contractor may actually have more experience, offer the same quality materials and warranty at a better price.

Some good rules to follow when choosing any home improvement company: Make sure to do your research, check the references and go over any warranty information.

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