Roofing Repair Tips For Cleveland

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Roof repairs, Cleveland roofingWhile a roof is meant to protect us and our belongings, another main purpose is to shed water away from the home structure. Moisture can infiltrate and destroy your home, and that’s what the roof is supposed to protect against.

Even light humidity can create enough moisture to damage roofing materials if it’s allowed to work its way in. Dark, damp areas are favorable for mold and mildew growth.

In our area of the country, we are exposed to storms and rain or ice and hail for a good portion of the year. Winter weather can leave our roofs in a mess, especially after damaging storms.

If the main function of the roof is to route water away from the home, problems grow if the water isn’t flowing away.

The Importance Of Roof Repairs In Cleveland

There are some things you should know about your roof structure that may help you to understand why it’s so important to get roof repairs as soon as possible after damage occurs. Your roof system is made of several layers that are built according to local building code minimum standards.

Not all layers of the roof are waterproof. In fact, the shingles guard your whole home against moisture problems.

The sheathing of your roof is the inner layer of plywood that is affixed on the trusses (or beams) of the roof.

Moisture and water can infiltrate all the way through every layer. It can then go down further into your attic spaces or wall cavities. Hidden here, the moisture will cause mold and mildew to grow. This is very unhealthy. The building materials will also rot and degrade from the moisture.

If there are visible damages, get your roof repaired as soon as possible. You don’t want to have to replace other parts of your home or deal with mold remediation.

The Pitch Of Your Roof & Snow Or Ice Damages

Roofs are constructed at varying pitch angles, from flat (no pitch) to steep slope roofs. In colder climates that experience snow and ice, or at higher altitudes, the roofs are steeper so snow and ice will fun off the roof as it melts.

Homes with low slope roofs have more difficulty with getting rid of snow and ice build up. Ice dams and roof cave-ins are common for roofs with low pitches. They can also occur due to missing insulation in the attic or wall spaces.

Roof Inspections Are Necessary

A roof inspection should be done on all homes. Many people only get a roof inspection when they buy or sell a home. However, the roof should be professionally inspected every five years or so.

With our Cleveland climate, roof inspections are highly important. There can be damages that aren’t apparent. A professional will know exactly where to look and what to look for.

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