Why Roof Repairs Aren’t For Most Do-It-Yourselfer’s

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Roof Repairs in Cleveland, OHAny time you own a home, you’ll probably be there long enough to incur some roof damages. Whether it’s one shingle, a few, or a section, storms can come through and quickly blow off or tear off shingles. Then comes the time when you’re looking and staring and glaring at your damaged roof, wondering when you’ll finally get the ladder out to take care of the problem.

One of the reasons you are probably hesitating could be that your gut is telling you the truth about how dangerous it might be. But you can handle it, you tell yourself, because you’ve done it before -even if it’s been a long time.

So the weekend comes and you find yourself committing to your roof repair project. You get the ladder out, set it to the edge of the roof but you wind up extending it first, and climb on up to take a look. Yep, the shingles need replacing or the at the next rain you’ll have leaks.

So you climb back down, with the ladder slipping a little off the roof edge slightly to the left, and breathe a sigh of relief when both feet hit the ground. You eye the ladder, daring it to betray you.

Lugging all the shingles you need to the spot near your ladder, you gather the hammer, nails, and anything else you think you might need. But you wonder how you’re going to lug all that up the ladder with you when getting up there empty handed was enough to make you have second thoughts.

You decide you can handle the hammer, a few nails in the pocket, and a couple of shingles for the first trip and see how it goes from there. So on up you go, precariously trying to keep from falling off the ladder that may or may not stay positioned on the roof edge.

Not far from the top, the top of the ladder begins to start sliding along the edge toward the left. You’re praying but wondering, taking another rung carefully, nearly there. You reach the top and lean into the roof, trying to use your elbows because your hands are full.

Just as you’re setting the shingles down and trying not to loose your grip on the hammer, the ladder gives way and swings off to the left, and you’re dangling from your belly on the edge of the roof with no ladder. If only you’d called a professional roofer like your neighbor Joe did down the street…

This may sound like a story, but unfortunately this scenario and others like it happen every day. In fact, even roofers fall from roofs and many constructions workers fall from ladders even though they’re on them every day and have the best balance there is. In fact, in 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that fatal injuries of construction workers and roofers were 4,383.

Now, that should tell us something because injury is real and so is risk. Everyday as professional roofers, we put our life and health on the line and rely on our experience and training to work on roof tops. Plus, those of us who stay in the business have a natural talent for balancing at high altitudes.

Compare that against the average homeowners who’s thinking about trying to climb up on a roof and you’ll see what we see, which is the best reason around for do-it-yourselfer’s with no roofing training or experience to stay off the roof and be extra careful when on ladders. It simply isn’t worth the risk and roof repair is a difficult job to handle.

There are many roofing companies that will take care of your roof problems for you, from simple roof repairs to full roof replacements. If a storm blows through your area or something happens to your roof and you need repair, give our Cleveland roofing contractors  a call here at Kaal Construction, Inc. We can set up some temporary roof repairs if necessary to protect your home until full repairs can be made.


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