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Roof ProblemsWater damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your home. It can occur from bad storm weather or from damages from water used to put out fires. It can also be in the form of a slow leaky drip that causes additional problems like mold and rot.

Heavy rains in the area are the primary reason you may have roof problems. When this occurs, your roof will be hammered with more water than is normal, whether it’s occurring slowly over several days or happens in flash floods that blow through the area.

These types of leaks can send you running for buckets and things to catch the drips in, or can see you laying out towels to absorb the mess. Either way, it’s a hassle and one you need to have taken care of right away.

When you need roof repairs, you want to be sure they’re done in a way that completely takes care of the problem. You don’t want to have the same problem areas over and over again, which means your professional roofer needs to have the skills and knowledge to handle it right the first time.

A small leak quickly evolves to a bigger problem if you leave it unattended. Unfortunately, this can happen often because leaks aren’t always detectable. Roofing materials can become damaged in areas of the roof that aren’t visible to the eye, especially if you’re only taking a look at the damages from the ground.

That’s where a professional roof inspection or a storm damage inspection will be important. Pinpointing leaks is something professional inspectors do on a regular, daily basis. Professional inspectors have all the latest tools available to find and detect those hidden leaks that go unnoticed.

Tiny nail holes, cracks in asphalt or clay or tile roof shingles, animal infestations and more can create roof problems you may not necessarily see or be able to detect.

Unfortunately what normally ends up happening is more costly damage done to your roof and underlying building materials.

Some of the areas checked and inspected during a roof examination are:

  • Gutters – they should be kept clean and clear of debris. They should be sturdy and intact and sufficiently route the rainwater away from your home.
  • Attic Spaces – Your attic is a prime area to attract issues like insect infestations, small animal nesting, and rotting materials from leaks. Your professional roofer should be willing to inspect your attic for problems.
  • Vents and Chimneys – This area of the roof should be sealed properly with the correct layout of the right building materials, such as flashing. If improperly installed or loose from storm damages, leaking can easily occur where these parts attach to the roof structure.

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