Roofing Tips for Cleveland Homeowners

Cleveland Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

One of the biggest questions Cleveland homeowners have regarding their roof is: ‘should I repair or replace it?’ Many would choose to just make repairs because it is cheaper than replacing a section of the roof or the entire roof. However, there are times when repairs are appropriate and there are times when a Cleveland […]

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What’s That Ugly Dark Stain on your Cleveland Area Roof?

That unsightly dark stain on your Cleveland area roof that is slowly creeping up and covering the entire surface can really mar the appearance of your home. Your neighbors might consider it an eyesore. And if you have just put your house up in the market, it could really decrease your property’s value. Yeah, but […]

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Three Benefits of Cleaning your Cleveland Area Roof

  Is roof cleaning necessary? It just rained, so the roof just received a thorough washing from Mother Nature, there’s no need for me to do anything, right? Wrong! Many Cleveland area homeowners neglect cleaning their roof because they think it is not necessary or they simply lack the time. Many others see routine roof […]

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Six Commonly Used Shingles

You might be thinking that all shingles are the same, but in fact they are not. There are various types of these roofing materials around and it is important to have an idea of what they are if you want to know the best shingles for your roof. There are 6 main types of shingles to […]

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5 Common Problems with Cleveland Roofing

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  Your Cleveland roofing can be damaged at any time, and by nearly anything. But it’s not always easy to determine what the problems are. Often, roofing damages will go unnoticed until you have either a professional roofing inspection, or a leak in your living room. Problems with your roofing get much worse very quickly […]

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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Cleveland Roofing Contractor

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Cleveland Roofing Contractor Do you know there are 5 common mistakes that homeowners commit when hiring Cleveland  area roofing companies? Any one of these mistakes can lead to a disaster and a big hole in your wallet. So if you are currently searching for a roofer, take a […]

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What Roofing Material is Best for your Cleveland Home?

Whether it’s because your roofing is beyond repair or you’re ready to give your home’s appearance a boost, when it’s time to replace your roofing, the most important thing to consider is what sort of roofing material you should use. The choice depends on your home’s architecture, your energy efficiency needs, and, of course, your […]

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Why does a roof need ventilation?

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Codes in the US require at least 1 sq ft of opening for every 150 sq ft. But what’s so important about ventilation in your home? Ventilation is one of the most important parts of your roof’s construction and extends your roofing’s life and protects the structure of your home. Improper ventilation will allow condensation, […]

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Your Options In Westlake Professionally Installed Replacement Windows

When your windows start showing signs of wear, you might want to look closely at your options in Westlake replacement windows .  This is one way by which you can keep your home in tip-top shape inside and out, and save you a lot of money in repair costs while at the same time keeping your Westlake home’s […]

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Maintaining Your Roof

Roofs play a key role in protecting building occupants and interiors from outside weather conditions, primarily moisture. The roof, insulation and ventilation must all work together  to keep the building free of moisture. Roofs also provide protection from the sun. In fact, if designed correctly, roof overhangs can protect the building’s exterior walls from moisture […]

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