Not All North Ridgeville Roofing Warranties Are Created Equal

Roofer WorkingYour North Ridgeville home is one of the most important investments you can make in a lifetime. When the costs in repairs and upkeep arise, the hope is to increase the value of your home by replacing aged or outdated areas. In the event the same areas become a problem or defective, we expect to be covered under warranty. The same is typically true when adding a new roof to your home, but not all warranties are created equal.

Lifetime Roof Warranty, Limited Lifetime Roof Warranty, 10-year Roof Warranty, 15-year Roof Warranty, 20-year Roof Warranty, 30-year Roof Warranty, 40-year Roof Warranty, 50-year Roof Warranty. Choosing a knowledgeable North Ridgeville roofing company in the types of warranties that apply to the extensive shingle availability for modern roofs has never been more important. Making the wrong decision with roof materials or roof installer can be a costly mistake.

Many homeowners will agree that replacing a roof can be a big investment and, with a very long and detailed product warranty, can be confusing to know what is covered and what is not guaranteed. When selecting a North Ridgeville roofing company, be sure to ask questions and go over the warranty details, including: the materials, install requirements, necessary maintenance, transfers and anything that could potentially cause your warranty to become null and void. You will also want to know what steps are needed to file a claim in the event something should go wrong or some of the materials are found to be defective.

If a warranty seems vague or company isn’t willing to go over the information, you can bet it will be what is known as the “red light warranty”; the warranty expires when you can no longer see the red lights of the truck driving away.

Most manufacturers of high-quality roofing materials offer certifications to insure proper workmanship so not to devalue their product or void a warranty for improper installation by shady-inexperienced contractors. Asking to see any certifications a North Ridgeville roofing company or roofing contractor has and if a Master Roof Installer will be on site may also help you receive the best possible service.

The quality of shingle selected for your roofing project is just as important as the company installing them. Carefully go over the type of materials available with your North Ridgeville roofing company along with the warranty options. Cheap materials with a cheap warranty will rarely be a good long term investment. With the flexibility of warranty options and technology behind high-quality materials offered today, your roof can last a lifetime or, at the very least, be a one-time investment.

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