Insurance Repair Specialists  

If your roof was damaged after a storm, make us your first call for both repairs and help working with your insurance company. That’s right! We can work with your insurance company to ensure your required roof repairs can be completed and will be covered by your policy. We’ll help you every step of the way to repair your roof and get the claim processed with your insurance company. Rest assured, we won’t make any repairs until you know what is covered and what the cost will be.

We’re an honest roofing company you can turn to for all types of jobs, including roof inspections, repair, replacement, and more. 

Certified Roof Inspections (NACHI)

If you are buying a new home or selling your old home, a roof inspection by a certified roof inspector is a must. It’s always important to know the state of a home, especially the roof that protects it from the elements. Having a roof inspection can result in a longer lasting, safer, fully functioning roof, and it can increase your property’s resale value.  

Our professional roofing contractors are highly trained to find any problems or areas of concern with your roof during the inspection. This prevents unexpected problems from coming up later. At KAAL Construction Inc, we only repair what needs to be fixed. Rest assured that we will never talk you into a roof replacement when a simple repair will do. We are your trusted Cleveland roof inspection contractor.

All of CertainTeed's shingle products are covered by standard SureStart protection for a specific period. Under this warranty feature, CertainTeed, at no charge, will repair or replace, at its option, any shingles proven to be defective during the applicable SureStart period. CertainTeed also offers SureStart PLUS, the strongest extended warranty coverage in the industry, which extends the coverage AND duration of the standard SureStart protection when a credentialed contractor installs an Integrity Roof System. Protect your investment and your home; demand The Integrity Roof System, demand a credentialed contractor, and demand SureStart PLUS.

The warranty on the other components that make up your roofing system can vary from as little as a few months to a lifetime. While the shingle you choose may have a warranty that lasts for 30 years or even a lifetime, some (or all) of the other components that make up your roof may not—so if they cause a problem with your roof, you may not have the coverage you need. That’s why GAF offers three different warranties that include coverage for your entire GAF roofing system. These include the Shingle and Accessory Warranty, System Plus Limited Warranty, and the Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty.

The truth is, it’s not the length of the limited warranty that matters; it’s the length of the Full Start period (the up-front coverage value that includes both material replacement and labor costs) that makes the difference. TAMKO offers the All Heritage® Series shingles that offer a Better-Than-“Lifetime” Limited Warranty.
Roof Replacement
Roofs in Ohio endure some of the most extreme weather. Due to the harsh cold winters, hot summers, and damaging UV rays, your roof will eventually need to be replaced due to old age if nothing else. Our roofers can replace any type of roof, such as metal roofs, slate roofs, tile roofs and all other types. 

We pride ourselves in using only the best roofing materials from CertainTeed, GAF, ShingleMaster, and TAMKO. We have the latest technology, tools, and expertise to help you select the right roofing materials for your new roof and the right color to complement your home’s exterior. Our goal is to offer the highest level of roofing services and expertise and to have your roof replaced in no time.
Roof Ventilation  
At KAAL Construction Inc, we also specialize in roof ventilation systems to ensure your home has fresh air all the time! Ventilation ensures your property has a high volume of air movement while venting the stale, overheated air in your home or attic out. If your home has poor ventilation, you will know it. Signs of poor ventilation include unbearably hot attics in the summer, moisture, mold, mildew, rusted nail heads, damp or compressed insulation, or wood rot. 

If you need ventilation repair, replacement, or installation, give us a call!
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