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Offering a Free Roof Giveaway!

roofersI, Kurt Meng, am writing on behalf of KAAL Construction Inc. I am planning to run a campaign through which I will be giving away 100% paid roofs to hardship clients like military soldiers, elderly people, or maybe someone suffering from chronic illness and is over burdened with hospital bills. With this contribution, I am hoping to create a little bit of difference in their lives.

This campaign is unique in many ways. Those in need of the roof will be required to submit a letter explaining their situation via email or post. These hardship letters will then be reviewed by our team dedicated to this campaign. These letters will then be sorted out on the basis of severity of the situation, the extent and the need of the person. After narrowing the list of hardship clients down, the decision will be made by an unbious panel. The media and radio community will also be approached for coverage to the campaign to gain public support.

Thank you,
Kurt Meng, President

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