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Spray Insulation When your attic area is properly insulated and sealed, you have a powerful shield against energy leakage in your home. Since heat rises, the attic area is one of the most important places to insulate, but unfortunately many homeowners are left with very poor insulation factors in their attic spaces.

There could be several reasons for this, but most likely when the home was built it wasn't insulated properly by the building contractors.

Any spaces that weren't properly insulated such as gaps along roof edges, gaps between walls and attic, and minimum insulation factors of existing insulation will create a home where energy transfer isn't sufficiently blocked. If you're suffering high energy costs in your home, the cause could be poor insulation in your attic space.

Blown in attic insulation by KAAL Construction is your answer to those high energy bills. With insulation that is blown in, you'll be creating maximum energy insulation in your attic space, which translates to a much lower heating and cooling bill. The type, depth, and density of the insulation in your attic and other spaces in your home will determine the amount of savings.

Polyurethane Foam, Cellulose, or Fiberglass Blown Insulation Choices

Blown In insulation is commonly made from Spray Polyurethane Foam SPF), Cellulose, or Fiberglass. Insulation can come in batts or be blown in with a sprayer, but with sprayed in insulation better coverage is achieved because all gaps are completely sealed in the space.

  1. There are three types of SPF that are used:

    1. High Density – common for exterior or roofing applications

    2. Medium Density – used for continuous insulation or unvented attics

    3. Low Density – useful for cavity fills and unvented attics

  2. Cellulose insulation is made from natural wood products such as recycled newspapers. A fire retardant chemical is added and will meet today's building code requirements.

  3. Loose-Fill Fiberglass insulation contains approximately 20%-30% recycled glass . It is made from spun or blown fibers of glass and is suitable for attics and wall spaces. Fiberglass is combatant with mildew fungus, and moisture. Fiberglass won't rot or absorb moisture.

With blown in attic insulation, you'll have several choices in the type of material you prefer to use. Our roofing specialists can assess your current attic insulation and go over your options with you. We've helped many homeowners in the Cleveland and other areas of Ohio since 1990 to have better energy savings with this application.

If your home lacks energy efficiency, the attic is the first place to start investigating. Just give us a call and we'll take a look so that your home will provide you with more warmth and comfort during winter and will stay cooled in the summertime. There's no reason to keep letting your energy escape through your attic or wall spaces any longer.

If you are looking for a roofing, siding, storm damage, or insurance repair specialist in the greater Cleveland area then please call 440-731-8282 or complete our online request form.